TrichoZed is a natural product that answers people’s hair loss issues. A lot of men and women suffering from hair-loss have put their trust on TrichoZed to get their hair back. There are some possible reasons why people have hair-loss problems. Your medical condition plays an important part on this matter, if someone have uncontrolled diabetes or thyroid disease can hamper hair production. Some medication as drugs for acne, diet or chemotherapy can also cause hair-loss. Insufficient or poor nutrition, intake of vitamins and nutrients cause poor hair growth, and also chemical hair treatments like bleach or perm. If your hair is important for you see how Trichozed works!
How it works A hormone named DHT – dihydrotestosterone - is the real cause behind the process of hair-fall. It prevents the blood supply to the follicle, and inhibits the growth of hair. First TrichoZedTM blocks the DHT formation, which allows normal blood supply to the follicle. This reverses the actions of DHT that lead to hair fall. Second it enhances the blood supply promoting faster hair re-growth.

TrichoZed is a natural product for your complete protection against hair-loss!

  • Stop hair-loss in just 7 days
  • Hair re-growth within a month
  • In 45 days, you would once again rake fingers through dense strong hair


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